Online dating is difficult enough because they are a lot of new challenges compared to traditional dating but if you are a single parent then the challenges can get even more difficult.

Being a single parent can be very difficult and often times you might have the urge to try dating and give dating a second chance and that is why this blog is for you. 

Let us help you with that and let us tell you a few important things you need to know when you are online dating as a single parent because you deserve love too. 



Open times single parents feel shame and guilt to start dating again after they have become a parent and this is quite common.

This leads to an important issue where single parents try to hide that they are a parent in the hopes that this can be a negative point about themselves.

However, let us tell you one simple thing. If you hide the fact that you are a single parent when you go online dating then you might find someone who will not be happy with your situation after that discover it.

If you truly want someone who loves you and who is actually fit for you then you should always disclose anything about yourself including the fact that you are a parent.

The best thing about this is that after you disclose your parenthood if you find someone then they are genuinely interested in you and they are genuinely going to accept you as their date.


Society is there to protect us but it may not seem like that sometimes and this is also the case if you are dating as a single parent.

You might come from a very conservative society which does not appreciate single-parenthood and online dating on top of that might be even worse.

But everyone deserves love and everyone deserves the right to find someone perfect for them and that is why you equally deserve love and affection and a partner.

It is not your fault that you are a single parent because things haven’t worked out in the past and you have every right to improve your situation.

And if you truly find someone who accepts you just the way you are and your child then they are truly a treasure in this world and you should ignore what society says.

And the funny thing is that the same society is going to stop talking and stop passing judgements on you after you decide to marry the person you met through online dating. 


You are going to get the type of person that you portray yourself to be and if you are a single balance then you obviously want someone who is mature enough to understand your situation.

That is why you should always upload genuine photos where they can truly see what kind of a person you are and there are also a few additional things that you should keep in mind.

For example, if you love arts and crafts then you should have photos of yourself doing arts and crafts because you need to convey your passion through your photographs.

If you are a person who loves adventure and travelling then you should upload photos that show that you like that particular thing.

Another important thing that single parents should do if they go online dating is to always have a photograph of them and something that indicates that they are a parent.

It is not wise to upload your child’s photo online because you may never know what kind of bad people are online but you can obviously indicate that you are a parent.

Perhaps upload a photo of you standing next to a stroller or standing next to your child’s bed etc. 


While it is a good thing to look for people who are similar to you and in your case single parents who have the same maturity and experience as yourself but here is something you need to know. 

Having children does not automatically make someone the best person in the world and not having children does not automatically discount them from the fact that they can be excellent.

That is why you should not close yourself to only other single parents and you must also give people who are not a parent a chance.

You might never know where a gem is hiding and you might actually find someone who is mature enough to be your partner and a parent to your child without prior experience. 


Icebreakers are excellent conversation starters when you are trying to text someone new because you need to start the conversation somewhere.

The tip that we are about to tell you goes either way because you might be the one to send them the icebreaker message or you might be the one to reply to their first text with an icebreaker. 

In order to test out the mental maturity of a person you must always say something witty and something that has a pun in it.

That icebreaker should contain everything about your personality including humour and if they understand the icebreaker and have a reply that showcases that they truly understand it then they are good to go.

This is a test that everyone in online dating does and this is something that you should do as well and it is important that you do it.

We hope this blog has been helpful for single parents if they are thinking of online dating and we wish you the very best if you are planning on online dating as a single parent.

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