Today we are going to talk about why men prefer escorts and the reason behind that can be quite interesting and will reveal a lot about the society that we live in.

Men crave physical intimacy and emotional intimacy and men want to be with someone without having to sacrifice a lot, including their time, peace of mind and personality.

There are different solutions that men seek out if they wish for both physical and emotional intimacy and our answer is hidden in that search for intimacy.


A relationship can be a lot of things and it can be something where a person can satisfy their physical intimacy needs, but there is a lot of judgement in society and it can be quite a difficult process to reach a level of physical intimacy with someone.

That is why men often choose prostitutes for that. The reason why men do go to prostitutes is because they want to be able to satisfy their physical needs without a lot of problems.

Since sex is a basic need and that is why it has become a service in today’s society and if you analyse the characteristics of prostitutes then you are also going to find out that those women treat it like a job that it is.

That is also the reason why women become prostitutes because it has become a full-fledged service.

These types of services exist simply because there is a demand for them and that is why these services get streamlined and more efficient as time goes on.

However, everything pleasurable that money can buy can also become addicting and we can often find reports and blogs about husbands being addicted to prostitutes etc.

That is why we do not recommend you go to prostitutes for physical intimacy because that is unnatural and probably illegal.

So, you might wonder why men prefer escorts to modern dating and the answer can be quite similar but it is emotional intimacy that they seek instead of physical intimacy. Escorts are just like intimate therapy for men.

There is nothing wrong with seeking emotional intimacy because men simply want to go to a place with no judgement and speak freely with someone intimately.

Let us find out all the reasons in detail as to why men prefer escorts instead of modern dating.



One of the primary reasons why men prefer escorts is simply because they can choose another escort if they do not like a particular escort or if they get bored with an escort.

This is simply not an option in a relationship simply because when you are in a relationship you must commit yourself to that relationship and that is expected of you if you live in a society.

It will be frowned upon if you date multiple women at once.

If you do that and if you have commitment issues then you will be looked down upon in society and nobody is going to take your side in that matter.

With escorts, there is no such thing as a commitment because they are professionals providing you with a service and you are the client who is accepting the service.

It is a transaction that is based on emotional intimacy and it is not looked down upon in any society because escorts are not your partners.

They can surely feel like your partner and that is the best part about hiring escorts.


Being in a relationship is quite difficult because you must manage your work and your relationship and if you fail to manage one or the other your life can fall apart.

You must take out time from your busy schedule in order to go on dates and in order to spend time with your partner, your partner must do the same for you.

This is not a very convenient thing for someone who might be very busy but this factor of convenience vanishes when you are hiring escorts.

You do not have to think about their convenience because they are providing you with a service and you simply need to find out when you are free and book them.

There are no adverse psychological effects of escorting and you will never feel like you are wasting time because you have chosen the time to be with them at your convenience.


If you are someone who is trying out traditional dating then your privacy might be at risk because you might get close to the person and divulge information which might harm you later.

You might show them parts of your life which are sensitive and there is no guarantee that they are going to keep your personal life secret.

This is never the issue with escorts because escorts are bound by contract to keep your personal life and your important information secret.

If they fail to do so then they can even be tried under the law but that is never an option in a relationship.

For example, if you have a messy breakup with your partner and your partner is angry with you then they can try and reveal things about you which you do not want to be out in the public.

This is never an option if you hire an escort and go on a date with them.

There is also the issue of safety because when you go out to date someone you do not know who is that person.

They might be a good person or they might be a scammer and you will never know which one is it until you get to know them more closely.

That is why there is always this risk factor involved in dating but if you hire an escort, you can be sure that are safe to be around and that they do not pose any harm to you because they have been screened thoroughly by the escort agency.

The escort agency has records of their behaviour and the escort agency will take liability for the escort.

We hope this helps you understand why modern men do not prefer modern dating and like to prefer escorts instead.

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